Wiang Kum Kam Temple at Chiang Mai

Wiang Kum Kam – The Underground Ancient City in Thailand!

There is not much information out there about the Wiang Kum Kam city. All we know is; it was built by the King Mangrai the Great. There had been many powerful Thai kings, but King Mangrai was different in the panjandrum. He held a deep love for Buddha and built the Wat Parcahao Ong Dam. It’s also called the Temple of the Black Buddha.

King Mangrai was the founder of Chiang Mai, which served as the capital of Lanna Kingdom. When I entered the Wat Pharchao, I was amazed by the marvelous

If you love Thai history like me or want to see something new in Thailand, then you need to visit Wiang Kum Kam because of its very breath-taking experience.

The Wiang Kum Kam is an ancient underground city which stood the testimonial of time. The Wiang Kum Kam site is located near the Ping River. I had visited and saw a lot of archaeological sites, but none was as astounding as the Wiang Kum City. There are a lot of Thai temples inside the Wiang Kum Kam underground city.

List of Wiang Kum Kam Temples:

  1. Wat Chang Kham
  2. Wat Chedi Liam
  3. Wat Ku Kham
  4. Wat Nan Chang
  5. Wat Phaya Mangrai
  6. Wat Phrachao Ong Dam
  7. Wat Pu Pia
  8. Wat That Khao
  9. Wat That Noi

Lost Underground City of Ancient Chiang Mai Kingdom!

They built Wiang Kum Kam after the glorious victory of Mon peoples, which today is considered as an ethnic minority group. There is a lack of solid-sounding commendable research on the Mon peoples and its first Wiang Kum Kam city. Even today, Mon tribes don’t have much to say about how their city was flooded 700 years ago. To this day, it remains one of the grand mysteries in Thailand.

I can keep beating the bushes and telling you; how stunning is the Wiang Kum Kam city? Everyone needs to visit ones in their lifetime. There is no excuse not to visit. If you are visiting Chiang Mai, then Wiang Kum Kam underground city must be on your sightseeing in Chiang Mai list.

Another Thai temple that I like the architecture is Wat Nan Chang. But today you can see that the flooding destroyed the Wat Nan Chang ruins due to it in the ancient time. I enjoyed the sightseeing at the Wiang Kum Kam city in Chiang Mai.

The Underground Ancient City in Thailand
Wiang Kum Kam Temples

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