Muslim Man at Wat Hasadavas in Ayutthaya

Why Should You Visit Wat Hasadavas in Ayutthaya?

Wat Hasadavas temple is located near the Wat Na Phra Meru in Ayutthaya city. But should you visit Wat Hasadavas and what’s special about it? In Thailand, Ayutthaya ruins, Wat Hasadavas is to consider the noblest of it all ruins. Ayutthaya is the ancient capital of the Great Thai Kingdom.

When my wife and I were visiting Wat Hasadavas, it gave us a feeling which is hard to describe in words. You have to feel it by yourself by seeing it. Wat Hasadavas is called วัดหัสดาวาส in local Thai language.

When I saw the Wat Hasadavas ruins with my naked eyes, I want to say it’s a wonder of ancient Thailand. Many questions arise in my mind; how they build such a marvel of engineering with their bare hands. There were few tools available to them at that time to construct it.

Lost Ayutthaya Ruins:

Wat Hasadavas is built on Sri Lankan architecture design thousands of years ago. It is base on 3 structures, and around the main Wat Hasadavas structure, there is also a sermon hall. We don’t know when the Wat Hasadavas Temple was built. But what we know is that they made it during the early period of Ancient Ayutthaya Kingdom. Today, sadly, I have to say the Wat Hasadavas temple is considered as ruins rather than a temple. 

If you are a history lover, then you need to visit the Wat Hasadavas Temple. I like to call Wat Hasadavas the lost temple of Ayutthaya due to it holds a lot of mysteries still today. 

I don’t want to dive deeper into the history of Wat Hasadavas, due to lack of my knowledge in the ancient Thai kingdom. We all can agree on this; Wat Hasadavas stands as an engineering marvel of our forefathers today.

You Don’t Need a Reason to Visit Wat Hasadavas:

If you’re not much engrossed in discovering unique in Thailand, but still Wat Hasadavas need to be on your bucket list. The surrounding of Wat Hasadavas is calm and so relaxing. I want to be honest here; I had a solid impression of Wat Hasadavas. Yes, it can be called as ruins today. Remember, these Thailand Ayutthaya ruins were ones the Thailand Ayutthaya temples.

We are not sure whether the Wat Hasadavas was a temple of worship, or something else. There are many more Temples of Ruins of Ayutthaya in Thailand. But in my opinion, Wat Hasadavas had the most magnificent structure above them all.

Things to Do at Wat Hasadavas Ruins Temple:

There is not much to do aside from taking pictures. After you are done with exploring the Ayutthaya ruins, and the Wat Hasadavas, there is a small food stall, and you can find some cheap roast beef and rice. Looking for the food, then there are a lot of cheap restaurants to eat in Ayutthaya downtown.

The city of Ayutthaya is less known for its food. But still for Halal foodie like me who just love to discover the local Ayutthaya street food. You can easily find halal food in Ayutthaya; I enjoyed its cuisine. Yes, these are the things to do around Wat Hasadavas, aside from visiting the downtown for lunch.

I will say start your day trip by visiting the Wat Hasadavas Temple in the ancient city of Ayutthaya. We stayed in the middle of the Ayutthaya temples; you can check out our Q Zone Boutique Hotel review. If you don’t know, Ayutthaya is just a 1-hour drive distance from Bangkok.

In conclusion, I will say, if you want to feel something unique and calm, then Wat Hasadavas is a must-visit.

Lost Ayutthaya Ruins
Things to Do at Wat Hasadavas Ruins Temple

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