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What To Do at Incheon Airport During Layover?

If you have a connecting flight from Incheon airport?  There are bunch of things which you can do there. The first thing is to consider; are you going to have a layover during the day or night? I will focus on the day first, because a lot of the shops and restaurants are closed during night hours.

Things to do at Incheon Airport:

You need to try the local Korean coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts. I still remember the day when my loving wife spilled the hot coffee on me. Korean peoples are coffee lovers.

You can’t go wrong with the coffee, make sure to try the hot brown sugar coffee with milk.

Next thing is to feel and enjoy the Korean traditional culture. Which is always on the showcase during the day, make sure to take a lot of pictures there. What next for the entertainment you will ask, and the answer is the cinema.

Just the go-to CGV cinema and enjoy a local Korean movie with subtitles. I am certain you will have a marvelous time watching a Korean film. There are many things to try, such as the SPA massage or Sky72 Golf Club. At night the Golf Club is close so that I couldn’t play it.

Can You Leave Airport During Layover?

Yes, you can leave the airport, because Incheon airport is open to all. You don’t need to cross the security checkpoint to reach the waiting area for the ticket counter. If you have time, take the bus to Incheon to Seoul city. The bus ticket costs 9,000 KRW/ $9 USD, and the duration of the bus journey is around 1 hour.

Also, there is a night bus service if you wanted to explore Seoul during the night, because this city never sleeps. Finally, during the day you can shop around, there are a lot of small retail stores from no brand to big brands. Everyone can find something to buy there at the Incheon airport retail stores. Now let’s talk about how to time pass during the night layover. Most of the Incheon airport is pin-drop silent during at night. 

Best Food at Incheon Airport:

The best thing to eat, and mostly the only restaurant open during night hours is Lotteria fast food. I love their shrimp burger, because I am Muslim, so I can’t eat the meat which is not halal there. The finest quality of Incheon airport is you can sleep. No one will come up to you and say anything. Which is the reason I love Korea Incheon airport a lot, it is one of the best airports in the world. 

First, I charged my phone and tablet with the free power socket available at the airport. Then I went to Lotteria to eat the shrimp burger set, which cost around 6,000 KRW/ $6 USD. The shrimp burger set comes with the French fries and a medium soft drink or black coffee. But make sure to keep eyes on a limited hash brown cheeseburger, which again is absolutely best for Muslims due to no meat content inside.

Lotteria Cheese Burger
Lotteria Cheese Burger at Incheon Airport

There is one coffee shop at the airport open during the night. But I couldn’t remember the name, the last time I visited the name was changed. But you can ask the airport staff for a coffee shop, and they will guide you. At night there is not much activity at all. So, make sure to make yourself relax and wear flip flop or sandal.

But keep the eyes on your luggage, even at Incheon airport, which is one of the safest airports in the world. If you are a Muslim traveling to Korea or vice versa, then there is no halal food place. But the splendid news is that, there is a praying room for the Muslims, which I want to thank the Korean government for it.

So how will you kill your time during a layover at the airport? Also, which is the best airport for you to relax and enjoy? Let me know in the comment below. So, for today, this is my little advice and guide on what things to do during your layover at Incheon airport.

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