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There are So Many Things to Do in Thailand for Muslim Honeymoon Couples!

Getting a Thailand visa is surprisingly easy, even for me, a Pakistani passport holder. Most countries had Visa-On-Arrival for Thailand. Now, no excuse for Thailand visa, and if you are looking for the ideal place for the honeymoon. Then you can’t go wrong with Thailand. I planned my Thai honeymoon in 3 months’ advance.

First, I was hesitated to pick Thailand over Malaysia. But ones I did my research, I was astonished by how amazing Thailand for Muslims is. Thailand sometime gets a bad reputation for its Adult tourism, but that is just a smaller percentage of it. Thailand is a perfect place for family, solo travelers, or couples like us.

Thailand in August:

We planned our Thai honeymoon trip for summertime, and what can be better than blazing hot August. As you know, in any country from June to August it is an incredibly busy season to get a budget hotel. Many tourists come as solo and with families. But we were one of the luckiest ones to find a good deal online from Booking.

It’s something unique experience to be in Thailand in the month of August. Every traveler needs to feel it by themself. The blazing hot sun and cold Thai milk tea will make your day cooler and more exciting. Just experience it by yourself, and you will thank me later.

3 Weeks Thailand Honeymoon:

We got married on the 1st of August, and we were on the honeymoon in Thailand by the 3rd of august. I was undoubtedly excited to visit amazing Thailand with my newlywed bride. Also, I will mention Thailand is extremely cheap or let me put like this:

“Thailand is truly affordable for anyone from any country.”

So, our planning was simple about spending our honeymoon holidays in Thailand. We planned that we would stay in Bangkok, then we will travel to the ancient city Ayutthaya of the Thai Kingdom. After that, we will go to Chiang Mai and then Kanchanaburi. Finally, we will be back in Bangkok and travel back to our home. Did I told you we were going to travel by train on our epic honeymoon journey!

Best Season to Go to Thailand:

August is the Best time to travel to Thailand if you can avoid significant tourist destinations such as Pattaya or Phuket. Other than August, the best time to go to Thailand is in May because the weather is not excessively hot.

But eventually, what about December? The weather in Thailand in December is cold, and you can ‘t thoroughly enjoy any water sports unless you are an iceman. 

“August is Best Time to Visit Thailand if You Can Avoid Large Tourist Destinations.

Things to See in Thailand:

I will dive more rooted in the upcoming articles, but for now, these are Best Places in Thailand in a nutshell. Let me start with my personal top 5 favorites:

  1. Ayutthaya Kingdom
  2. Eat at Orange Burger House
  3. Travel by Train to Chiang Mai
  4. Tiger Temple
  5. Stay in Tara Raft Hotel  

If you are Muslim or a family traveling to Thailand, then you need to visit Chiang Mai at all costs. Just to try out the Halal burger at Orange Burger House in Chiang Mai. The Orange Burger House is the best Halal fast-food in the entire Thailand.

Also, if you want to be romantic, or want to feel zen, then stay at Tara Raft Hotel, which is a beautiful hotel located on the River Kwai. This Raft Hotel is absolutely a must for Muslim honeymoon couples.

Was My 3 Weeks Thailand Honeymoon Worth it?

Now all you were lingering for my conclusion about; should you travel to Thailand? Can I recommend Thailand for honeymoon couples, or Muslim travelers, and families?

Yes, because, for the first reason, Thailand is undoubtedly cheap for a budget for the luxury traveler. It cost us only around $1,000 USD for 3 weeks’ honeymoon holidays in Thailand, including everything from hotels, food, and transportation. You can easily find cheap Halal food in any part of Thailand.

I will have to declare Chiang Mai as the best city for all kinds of travelers from couples to solo. There is something about Chiang Mai, I just can’t explain, and you’ll need to experience by yourself. I had some of the best moments of my life in Thailand. The Halal Thai food was amazing, especially the green curry chicken with rice. Finally, Thai peoples are extraordinarily friendly, and open to welcome you with their warm hospitality.

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