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Must-Visit Attraction in Chiang Mai: Buddha Temples in Thailand

There are many famous temples in Thailand, ranging from Khmer temples in Thailand to Hindu temples in Thailand. But today, I went to the Wat Chedi Liam in Chiang Mai. I was very excited to see the new temples and was looking for some ancient temples in my favorite country of Thailand.

To my surprise, I came across the Buddha Temple located inside the Wat Ku Kham. The Buddha Temple itself is the part of the ancient city of Wiang Kum Kam, which was built by King Mangrai the Great. If you ask me which are the best temples in Thailand, then I will say the Wat Chedi Liam Great Buddha Temple in Chiang Mai. Thai temples are unique compare to the Hindu temples in Thailand. I professedly like to see the site of the archaeological temple there. Because the tangling chords in my body give me a sensational vibe after visiting them, it’s tough to explain in words.

What to wear in Thailand Temples?

I am a man, so I was not stopped from entering any temples in Thailand. But their certain temples in which women can’t come. I will advise ladies not to trespass the Buddha Temples in Thailand. It will be considered profoundly disrespectful and immoral. Also, both for men and women, they must wear long pants. Don’t wear shorts when visiting any temple in Thailand. Women can get away with long skirts but no pencil skirt.

Also, I will advise women to wear a long sleeve shirt, and men are acceptable with half sleeve shirts. It’s all comes down to respect for Thailand’s culture and its temples.

Are There Any Hindu Temples in Thailand?

Yes, there are 3 major Hindu temples in Thailand, which you can’t miss. The first one is called Devasathan, located in Bangkok. The Devasathan temple is famous for Brahmins religious ceremonies, that is why it’s also called Brahmin Temple.

The second one is Erawan Shrine, also located in Bangkok, and this one is famous for the Thai dance.

Finally, the third one is the Mariamman Temple, also sometimes referred to as South Indian Temple in Thailand. The Mariamman Temple is the best visually to look at, and this is a must-visit if you are a fan of temples.

In the end, I will say Thailand as a country had a lot of historical importance due to many religious sites and temples out there. I will visit more Thai temples such as the Khmer temples in North-East, Thailand. Closing point; there is no such temple as the best temples in Thailand, instead are the best peoples who can visit & see the past of spectacles of Thailand.

Buddha Temples in Thailand
Are There Any Hindu Temples in Thailand

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