This is Temple in Thailand Where Women Can't Enter!

Ladies Cannot Enter Some Thai Temples So Respect Please!

If you are a woman and visiting temples in Thailand, keep some essential things in mind before you start gallivanting in Temples.

The first thing is to remember, to respect and don’t try to be smart.

There are some Buddha Temples in Thailand where the women cannot enter it at all. So, don’t even dare to step in the temple to take a selfie picture of yourself.  Thai peoples are very congenial, but when it comes to religion, they will defend it with their honor.

I was traveling with my wife across Thailand, and we both love to explore the Thai religious sites. But my wife a bit shocked to the sign “Lady Cannot Enter” at Wiang Kum Kam in Chiang Mai. But I explained the religious significance of it. Don’t take or give your opinion on a country which you are not native to. Just respect them and your so-called men and women equality back in your home. You are coming to Thailand to learn a new prospect about the culture which is foreign to you.

Thailand Temples Dress Code?

Yes, there is a dress code about what to wear when visiting any temple in Thailand.  Especially when you are visiting a Buddhist temple. Make sure to cover your body as much as you, and men can wear any shirt like polo half-sleeve shirt. Women should try to wear a full sleeve shirt. But women should never wear shorts or short skirts because it will be consider as a shameful act.

Men also shouldn’t wear shorts rather then wear full long pants down to the knee.

Etiquette for Thai Temples?

The common question asked by women traveling to Thailand; Can I wear yoga pants? I will say yes, but do your veritable feel comfortable in showing your body parts. Yoga pants always fit tight around the hips, and it’s deemed as sexy, so I will advise not to wear.

I hope you will enjoy your sightseeing adventure in the temples around Thailand. Most of the time, you are free to take photos of the Thai temples and Hindu temples. But sometimes you are not allowed to take pictures even with a smartphone. If someone stops you from taking pictures of temples, then do not fight back. I love Thailand a lot because of its country of wonders, which everyone must come and see with their naked eyes. I’m a Muslim but never had any problem visiting any of Temple in Thailand with my wife.

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Thailand Temples Dress Code

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