Having Breakfast Airy Hotel in Bangkok

Is Free Hotel Breakfast Worth in Thailand?

If you are a budget traveler in Asia, then the best hotel to watch out for, which comes with a free complimentary breakfast. When it comes to cheap hotels in Bangkok, they rarely offer a free breakfast. Rather it’s an add-on with your hotel booking because Bangkok is famous for morning street breakfast.

Usually, I will try to avoid the hotel breakfast, unless I’m staying in a bed & breakfast motel. I love exploring street food; there too many options opinions when it comes to breakfast. Many street vendors & Thai food hawkers start offering breakfast as early as 5 am to 11 am.

Hotel with Free Breakfast:

We were staying in a budget hotel, the Bangkok Airy Hotel, for only $20 per night, but it comes with a free complimentary breakfast. So, the original question is the free breakfast from the hotel worth it or skip and dive into local Thai breakfast on your first morning. Most traveling on a budget to Thailand are looking for a bed-and-breakfast Bangkok hotel where they can spend less, plus have free breakfast.

Some hardcore travelers said it’s a waste of time if you travel to the country than just ate the hotel breakfast as free or add-on hotel breakfast, but I will disagree. We can try the local morning breakfast anywhere we want in Bangkok, but there is also a moral reason you should not overlook the Thailand hotel breakfast.

Bed-and-Breakfast Bangkok:

I will say for the bed-and-breakfast hotel where you stay just for sleeping and breakfast, where the free hotel breakfast is worth it, but this was not the case where I was staying. I was on honeymoon with my wife in 2014, so I don’t want my lovely wife to miss the local Thai breakfast. But I didn’t want to turn down the free complimentary breakfast from the Airy Hotel.

There are a lot of backpackers who stay in bed-and-breakfast hotels in Bangkok just for free or cheap breakfast, and they eat lunch and dinner outside. I like the idea you start your day as a journey with the hotel breakfast, and you can eat anything out for the rest of the day.

Our $20 Per Night Hotel Free Hotel Breakfast:

English breakfast; 3 toast with sunny fried egg, and salad!

They offered me the three-bread toast, with two fried eggs, and I accepted it. I first pick up French toast and put butter on it. The butter melt on the toast, and then I started dipping toast in the runny egg yolk. The first bite in the mouth was flavourful of juicy Thai egg York taste. Second, with the fork, I picked some salad, it was an exquisite taste one it was in my mouth.

This Airy hotel free breakfast in Bangkok was the one simple best because after eating, then we went out sightseeing, and we already had the energy for the rest of the day. I will never say down a free breakfast in Thailand, plus if you are a Muslim, then you can ask for vegan lunch or ask them not to put any meat unless it’s fish or tuna, which I also love to have in the breakfast.

So, I hope next time if a hotel in Bangkok offers you breakfast as included in the price or as a cheap add-on, then there is no reason to turn it down. Now, if you want to support me, then make sure to check out the Bangkok guide and enjoying your Bangkok trip.

Is Free Breakfast Worth in the Hotel in Thailand
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Hotel Breakfast Worth in Thailand

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