Chiang Mai is the Land of Religious Architectural Buildings

Chiang Mai Has the Best Religious Sites Attractions!

If you love to see something uncommon or hidden gem in Thailand, the answer is Chiang Mai.  There are a lot Thai Buddhist temples in the amazing city of Chiang Mai. If you are a history lover; I will have to advise you to visit Chiang Mai as soon as possible. My trip to Chiang Mai is the best travel trip of my life. I just can’t forget the wonders of Chiang Mai hold in its vicinity. Its just a land from the amazing Thai temples to Muslim mosques.

When I arrived in Thailand, I was ready for some surprise. By then, I didn’t know Thailand was going to be such a amazing country to visit. From the moment I went out from the airport and started looking at the natural scenery of the religious architecture buildings. It puzzled me, why I didn’t visit such amazing country before.  

The next day I was ready to explore the wonders of Thailand, but I was staying in Bangkok I didn’t want to visit overcrowded tourist attractions in Bangkok. But I was ready to visit some amazing temples in Ayutthaya.

Finally, after one week of enjoying the Ayutthaya, I was ready to move onto next destination of Chiang Mai. My journey started at 02:30pm from the Railway Station of Ayutthaya. Literally, I was very excited for this journey. I really didn’t know what to expect in Chiang Mai, and what kind of experience it’s going to be.

It took around 14 hours from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train. The next day, arrived early morning around 4:30 am but the train lag already tired me.  I didn’t pay much attention to Chiang Mai Railway Station; I immediately took a taxi to my Chiang Mai Mansion hotel booking located in the downtown of Mueang.

I slept for a few hours, and then I woke up in the afternoon. I took a quick warm shower and was ready for lunch. I started walking and exploring the city for a suitable place to eat. My goal was to find a Halal food place where the local Muslims eat. Luckily, just a few minutes away from my hotel, I found a small restaurant where I ordered the local noodles. After my tummy was full, I went to see the Wiang Kum Kam. The beauty of Buddhist temples astonished me there. I will dive deeper in my upcoming blog posts. I was bewildered, and in culture shock due to the lavishing architecture constructed thousands of years ago.  You can’t find a better sacred Buddhist city to visit other than Chiang Mai. I saw the marvelous Thai temples constructed by the Great Thai Kings of the past with your naked eyes.

If you want to admire the beauty of traveling to unknown or hidden destinations, the Chiang Mai is for you. I hope you enjoy my article and wish you joined me on my next journey                            

Wonders of Thailand in Chiang Mai

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